Managers in Partnership (MiP)

— Marisa Howes, head of communications,  Managers in Partnership

— Marisa Howes, head of communications, Managers in Partnership

I have worked with Lexographic since I joined Managers in Partnership (MiP) in 2007, chiefly in my role as editor of MiP’s magazine, Healthcare Manager, until my retirement at the end of 2015. MiP is the trade union organisation for senior managers in the NHS.

Lexographic helped us to develop Healthcare Manager in the first place, and support MiP in all aspects of producing the magazine. Lexographic partner Craig Ryan acts as associate editor, helping to shape the content, editing all the copy and rewriting articles, as well as contributing regular articles himself. As as well as handling all design and layout work, Lexographic source photos and illustrations, arrange printing and distribution, and help to plan future issues.

I have always found Craig and James easy to work with. They are very reponsive to our needs and always prove flexible when we need something different or unexpected. They have a very co-operative way of working and take a lot of time to understand MiP’s business and find cost-effective ways to deliver what we need. I think their design work is excellent, but on occasions when I haven’t liked something, James has been very quick to find a solution that works for me. Likewise, Craig’s copywriting skills have been essential to producing a publication that is highly readable and has been very well received by MiP members.

Lexographic have also worked with us on many other projects, including reports, leaflets, and promotional items, all to the same high-standards of quality and cost-ef- fectiveness.

It may be a mark of MiP’s faith in Lexographic that Craig has stepped in as acting editor until my successor is appointed later in the year. I am very happy to recommend them.