Association of Revenue and Customs (ARC)

— Will Richardson, magazine editor,  Association of Revenue and Customs

— Will Richardson, magazine editor, Association of Revenue and Customs

Lexographic has provided a full typesetting, design and production service for arcnews since 2005. It also manages our relationship with our printers and has helped in changing printers over the years to obtain better value. They were also instrumental in helping us to move from two-colour to full-colour printing, identifying postage savings which offset much of the increased printing costs. The magazine was, for most of this period, published 10 times a year; in the last twelve months we have reduced this to six issues a year in anticipation of moving towards a more online presence. Lexographic is also supporting us with this, advising on the development of a website and designing it for us; they will be contracted to maintain the website once it is up and running. For completeness I should perhaps add that we occasionally produce other, one-off, publications (reports, campaign materials, posters, brochures, etc) and Lexographic also does copywriting, design and typesetting work for these.

I have always been very satisfied with their service. Last year we renewed their contract with us following a competitive tendering exercise in which they came out ahead on both price and level of service. As a voluntary organisation in which the magazine is produced by activists in our spare time, it is particularly important to us that Lexographic is flexible enough to deal with variations to the timetable and can help us when we fall behind our publishing schedule, and I find this flexibility of great help in producing our magazine. I also appreciate their willingness to talk us through the various options on design and publicity issues.

The design and setting of the magazine has always impressed me; Lexographic source suitable pictures or provide illustrations. They also on occasion assist with other tasks which are strictly my responsibility, such as proof-reading and providing copy, at times of pressure.

The relationship has been successful and fulfilling and I would not hesitate to recommend them. 

— Will Richardson, magazine editor, Association of Revenue and Customs