Refresh your website

Association of Revenue and Customs website – launched June 2016

Association of Revenue and Customs website – launched June 2016

Is your website looking jaded, riddled with out of date text, dead links and stock images of people working on chunky laptops? If you need to smarten up on a shoestring budget, then our Website Refresh service could be just what you need. Avoiding the need for an expensive new design, we’ll update and sharpen up the text, fix broken links, find some good, fresh images and tidy up major design flaws. And we’ll work to optimise your site’s copy and structure so you do better in search engine rankings.

If you need a bit more:

We can take responsibility for managing and updating your site and include a redesign as part of the package.

Bring your annual report to life

Do you find yourself repeating the same dreary phrases year after year? Is the copy riddled with clichés, awkward phrases and meaningless corporate jargon? (Be honest.) Finding it hard to bring consistency to the contributions from your various colleagues? Send us your draft and we’ll find a fresh approach, or just sharpen up the copy and find some killer images.

If you need a bit more:

We’ve worked on hundreds of annual reports and similar publications. If it’s a once-a-year nightmare for you, it’s the day job for us. We can handle the whole process for start to finish, including copywriting, design, image sourcing, proofing, printing, online publication and email distribution.

Put your magazine or newsletter online

Just send us a PDF of your publication and we’ll turn it into a proper online edition with live links using page-turning technology such as ISSUU. We can set up a mini website for your publication, as we do for Healthcare Manager (see here), or incorporate it into your existing site, as we do for Flagship (see here). Your readers will be able to link to individual articles, share clips, make comments or download a PDF of the whole thing.

A single per-issue cost includes ISSUU fees and any web hosting charges. And it doesn't matter if we design and produce your magazine or not – all we need is a PDF of what you want to publish.

If you need a bit more:

We can set up a full archive of previous issues with an index so readers can quickly access the articles they want to read.

Set up a new blog

Want to set up a new blog but dreading the hours spent fiddling with settings in Wordpress or Blogger? Want to customise your blog without spending a fortune on design? Never seem get round to writing the copy for the “About” page? Get your new blog off to a flying start by letting us handle all the tedious setting up. We’ll book you a domain name, set up your blog, customise your theme and even write some introductory copy. So all you have to worry about is what you want to say (and we can help with that too, if you want!)

If you need a bit more:

Seen a blog or website you like the look of? Send us the details and we’ll advise you on the best and most cost-effective way to set up something similar.

Send something out before Christmas

    The 2016 MiP calendar mousemat we'll be mailing to MiP members and stakeholders with the Christmas issue of   Healthcare Manager.


The 2016 MiP calendar mousemat we'll be mailing to MiP members and stakeholders with the Christmas issue of Healthcare Manager.

Sometimes only snail mail will do. Maybe there are legal requirements or you want to send your members, supporters or customers some promotional goodies. Or maybe you just think something tangible will work best. We’ve organised hundreds of direct mailings, including ballots, recruitment packs, consultations, surveys, appeals, Christmas promotions and election materials (not to mention the hundreds of editions of magazines and newsletters we’ve produced for our clients).

When direct mailings are complicated, with different contents for different groups of recipients, clients often come to us. We can handle the whole process from start to finish: designing and producing the contents, arranging the printing, personalising covering letters and envelopes, managing your mail data and generally making sure everything goes smoothly, on budget and on time. (But, as always, you use as much or as little as you need.) We know the best suppliers and can get you the best deal. So, if you want to get something out before Christmas, why not get in touch?      

Turn your press releases into blogs

If you’ve got something to say to the press, you’ll probably want to blog about it too. But don’t just dump the text of your press release on your blog. It looks unprofessional (and a little bit lazy) – your blog has a quite different audience. Send us your press release and we’ll turn it into a sharply written blog post, put in all the links and even find a suitable image. If you want, we’ll can take care of promoting your post on social media. All for a single low fee per post, with substantial discounts for regular work.

If you need a bit more:

We can provide regular copy for your blog, find contributors, edit submissions or even turn it into an online magazine.