Vox Supply Partners Inc

Anne McNeill, managing director, Vox SP Inc

Anne McNeill, managing director, Vox SP Inc

I have been working with Lexographic on a variety of projects over the last five years. Both my London and Chicago based studio teams engage with Craig and James on a regular basis to supplement our graphic design capacity and to provide solutions for more complex programs.

They have predominantly worked on developing client-facing brochures for digital and print distribution, and have become an extension to our in-house development team as a result of their keen understanding of our client's design guidelines. As with most clients, VOX can be somewhat unforgiving on lead-times; however, Lexographic continues to produce high quality deliverables even with challenging deadlines.

The quality of the design work is always of a high standard and they are very responsive to changes in briefs and resourceful in finding solutions to challenges.

It is refreshing to find a positive and inclusive attitude to design problems, whereby Lexographic are happy to suggest strong design ideas but also willing to adapt to our inputs and ideas to produce work which is effective and impactful.

VOX Supply Partners is happy to recommend Lexographic. Please feel free to contact me if you have specific questions or would like additional information on my relationship with Lexographic.