Healthcare Manager 33, Spring 2017

In the Spring 2017 issue of Healthcare Manager, one of the UK's top medical directors, Umesh Prabhu, makes a passionate case for the NHS to save money without cutting corners on quality of service. Alison Moore interviews Andrew Cannell, chief executive of the acclaimed Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, and journalist and change manager Matt Ross writes about the NHS's growing programme of "back office" mergers and warns the health service not to make the same mistakes as Whitehall. And editor and Lexographic partner Craig Ryan speaks to four leading NHS managers about how being active in their trade union has helped their careers. 

Healthcare Manager is edited, designed and produced by Lexographic on behalf of Managers in Partnership (MiP). It's published quarterly, in both print and digital editions, and has a circulation of around 7,000 senior managers in the NHS across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Lexographic also provides news and feature content for the MiP website.